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Guaranteed Rent
Rent guarantee schemes are the most popular with Landlords and Investors. When you sign a contract with us you have the income agreed no matter what, even if the property is empty every first of the month on your bank account throughout the period. We can guarantee your rent anywhere in London and UK. Bluestoneletts guarantees your rent for any property, any size, any area – we take on anything from houses, studios flats, houses to hmos and large multiple blocks.

The day we sign your property up your rent will commence after 24 hours 365 day per year. From the day we lease your property, from 1 year to 10 years,  we take care of the whole property in every aspect: moving in to moving out, viewings, paperwork, maintenance utility bill’s and Council Tax. We carry out inspections every month at all of our properties to ensure that the property still remains at a high standard. We email you copies of each inspection report and pictures, because we return back your property in exactly the same condition you gave it to us.

Whether your property is occupied or not you get paid no matter what, no rent stops, no voids, rent guaranteed every month.

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At Bluestone we believe in setting and achieving the highest standards in the delivery of our services

Bluestone offers a wide range of property, housing, care & support and maintenance services combining innovation, best value and exceptional service delivery.

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Tel 0208 981 7878

email  info@bluestoneletts.co.uk

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