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House in Multiple Occupation
If you have a large property or you have spare rooms and you are renting it out to one tenant, consider turning it into a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO). In this way you can have more tenants and thus increase your profit. 

Nowadays a single dwelling investment may yields 5 - 7% , so why not get that to 10 - 14% using the same property! Investing in Multilet and HMO for those looking for high income and low risk form 1 to 10 years. Many investors often turn away from HMO because involves important management work and hassle. Our exclusive HMO contracts are different! Singles houses flats just do not offer the returns that investors/landlords could achieve. 

 Call us today and our HMO team we will complete a free appraisal of any property you own or considering buying. We will calculate the maximum income you can achieve by changing your property or potential purchase into a HMO.
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