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At Bluestoneletts we ensure your property is maintained and managed  throughout its term and ensure will take care of all your tenantsí needs, from moving in to moving out, rent collecting and ensure your property is managed and maintained throughout its term.

We understand that maintenance is an ongoing issue with all properties and we fully understand the importance of reacting quickly to repairs whether it's a minor repair or a full scale emergency and managing more routine works. We have a team of trusted contractors from all trades who we can rely on to carry out high quality, cost effective work.

Bluestoneletts have been managing regular repair works for managed properties and long term clients for numerous years and are capable of undertaking repairs of all elements of building fabric. We excel in organisation of planned maintenance programmes and maintaining standards.

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At Bluestone we believe in setting and achieving the highest standards in the delivery of our services

Bluestone offers a wide range of property, housing, care & support and maintenance services combining innovation, best value and exceptional service delivery.

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Tel 0208 981 7878

email  info@bluestoneletts.co.uk

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